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Help : Please check the following assumptions, confirming your acceptance at the bottom of the page.

About The Property

  • The property is a holiday home and not a permanent residence
  • The property is not occupied consecutively for a period in excess of 4 months by the same occupant
  • All final external doors at the property are fitted with a mortice deadlock of at least five levers
  • All other doors allowing entry or exit to the property (except sliding doors) must be fitted with a lock as described above or by a key operated mortice security bolts top and bottom of the door in addition to the existing locks
  • Any external sliding doors must be fitted with key operated sliding door locks which have been mounted internally on the centre rails
  • Any ground floor basement or accessible upper floor windows must be fitted with one of the following :
  • Key operated locks or security devices
  • Wooden shutters with interior locks
  • Metal grilles embedded into the wall
  • There is no trade, profession or business being carried out in the property other than normal sub-letting as a holiday home
  • The property to be insured is in a neighbourhood free from a history of storm or flood
  • The property is not situated on a Holiday Site/Park
  • The property to be insured is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained
  • In respect of subsidence, heave or landslip, the property is not :
  • Showing any signs of damage (such as cracks, inside or out)
  • Showing any signs of movement or been the subject of structural repairs at any time
  • The subject of a valuation or survey report which mentions settlement or movement of buildings or recommends further investigation
  • The property will not be left unoccupied for a period of more than 90 consecutive days during the period of insurance
  • The property is not situated above any shop or business
  • The property is in a block of no more than 10 flats/apartments
  • The property is not a chalet


  • You or none of the proposers are employed in the occupations or businesses detailed below :
  • Casino or Club Owners; Amusement Caterers; Scrap Metal Dealers or Merchants; Pop Musicians; Professional & Semi-Professional Sportsmen/Sportswomen; Fairground Showmen; Circus Employees; Actors & Actresses; Models; Itinerant Workers or Traders; Caravan Dwellers/Travelers; Foreign Diplomats, Embassy Personnel or Members of Foreign Armed Forces

Personal History

  • You or any person to whom this insurance will apply has not been convicted of (or charged but not yet tried with) arson or any other offence involving dishonesty, for example, Fraud, Theft or Handling stolen goods and also, no person has been refused insurance in the past or had special terms imposed by a previous Insurer.